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Mobile App Creation For Lawyers

Win more clients and provide cutting edge convenience for them and your legal practice. Reaping the benefits of a legal app for your law practice is just a couple clicks away.


Why Your Legal Practice Needs an App!

The technological revolution has changed the way we work, live, and communicate. Today, mobile apps are the go-to for all tasks, big and little, from listening to music to doing essential corporate chores.

The app trend is not just confined to the business world but nearly every aspect of society is jumping on board to stay up with this technological development. Law Firms in modern times are no longer an exception to this pattern.

Today, a lot of lawyers have their own mobile apps that let them connect with their clients from anywhere, at any time, and on any platform. If you’re still not convinced, take into account the following reasons below why your legal practice needs a mobile app:


Compelling Reasons why you must have a mobile app for your legal practice.

  • Win More Clients: Today, we are living in a completely digital world and more than 90% of all marketing is digital. A legal app for your practice will increase your overall digital footprint and result in driving more organic leads and queries to your legal practice.
  • Get Listed on The Apple App Store and Google Play store:  Both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store will list your Lawyer App on their app stores. See more on the benefits below.
  • Appear In Organic Search Results: Appear in more search results outside of your own efforts. In addition to your current position on Google and Bing’s organic search results pages, both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, which have very high authority in the eyes of Google and Bing, will organically promote your app for “FREE” just by having your legal app listed. The two types of authority to determine search results are “Domain Authority” and “Page Authority” and both stores each have a all around score of 100. Overtime your lawyer app store listing will out perform and even appear before and when your own Google My Business Listing, organic search results don’t. This is very powerful indeed.
  • Outrank The Competition: With all the above compelling reasons your law practice’s digital foot print will ultimately crush your competition and even if they discover how you’re doing this, you will be so far ahead of them and better positioned that it would take a while for them to even catch up.
  • Prestige: The prestige of having your own lawyer app by itself could stand alone as the only reason to have an app. Nothing screams winner, success, and power better than an app for your practice. Imagine being in a consultation with a prospective client that is vetting lawyers to retain for their legal case and at the end of that consultation you say. “By the way for further communication and to discover more about the success of my law firm, simply download my app on either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.”
  • Cost: A typical custom legal app can cost anywhere from $35K to as much as $250K. With a Legal App custom designed by Esquire Apps, you’ll pay less than $4k and only have a monthly maintenance and management fee of $199 to $399. The maintenance and management fee covers any and all maintenance, app updates and re-submissions and sending your push notices so that you can focus on being a lawyer not a marketer.
  • App Analytics: With built-in analytics feature, you can gauge how your app performs in the real world. Esquire App’s app analytics gives you accurate insights on how successful your app is.
  • Appointments: With the appointments feature, your clients can book legal appointments whenever they need it. They can also reschedule their appointments and cancel their bookings completely through an app.
  • Payments: Using the payments feature, your clients can pay their legal fees directly through your app with Paypal. No need to maintain physical registries or cash boxes. Get your fees in your bank account directly
  • Push Notifications: Esquire App provides you the ability to send push notifications. It is an excellent way to notify your users about offers, discounts, news, and much more from the convenience of an app.
  • Success: Nothing screams success louder than a mobile app for your legal practice. People seeking out legal services would much rather hire a successful lawyer.
  • A Website on Steroids Your mobile app is an extension of your website and creates a new open channel for communications. You and your clients are a click away from each other.


Some Must Have Legal App Features

A great method to keep your law practice connected and up to date with client communications.  Here are a few more of the essential elements a law app should have.

Push Notifications

Instantly send out alerts, messages and information to your clients and app users.


Allow clients and others a convenient way to connect.

Social Share

You and your clients share the your legal paractice across social media platforms.

Audio - Video Streaming

Live stream conference call for video consultations.



Directly accept payments from client. 


Share events and increase attendance with a dedicated app calendar.


The blog feature allows you to connect your legal blog.

Messaging + Social Wall

Build community with in-app messaging and social wall features similar to Facebook.



$1995 Setup Fee

Progessive Web App
10 Features
Unlimited Users
No Push Notifications
Get Started


$3995 Setup Fee

iPhone + Android + iPad App
15 Features
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Push Notices
Get Started


$2995 Setup Fee

Android App + PWA
12 Features
Unlimited Users
Limited Push Notices
Get Started

Ready to get started on your legal app or do you have more questions?

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